• The student must be on the Loan Application and on the Loan Agreement.
  • Admitted to or enrolled at least half time in the JETBLUE GATEWAY SELECT Program.
  • A United States Citizen or a Permanent Resident.
  • At least the age of majority at the time of the application based on his/her state of permanent residence.
  • Meet the borrower credit requirements or if applicable, obtain a co-signer who meets the co-signer eligibility requirements.


  • A borrower having a no prior credit history with a credit score of zero or a credit score of 660 or higher is not required to have a co-signer.
  • The loan originator will obtain a consumer report from one of the three major credit reporting agencies to determine credit qualification for the borrower.
  • Does not have any previous defaults on federal or private education loans.
  • Aggregate Student loan indebtedness from all sources of educational lending shall not exceed $150,000.


There is a 2.00% loan origination fee for each funding disbursement which will be added to the loan amount.

The interest rate is a variable loan rate of 7.07% over the 3-month LIBOR adjusted quarterly.

The late payment fee is $15.00.

There is no penalty for early prepayment of the loan balance.

Total amount borrowed cannot exceed $110,054.00; minimum loan $2,500.


There are three repayment stages: In-School, Training, and Repayment.
  1. In-School Period: The In-School Period begins on the first day of school and continues for as long as the borrower is actively enrolled in the school up to the earlier of (1) the date of graduation/completion of the program, (2) the borrower falls to less than half-time status in the program, or (3) twenty-four (24) months from the initial start date of the In-School Period, whichever event occurs first During the In-School Period, all payments are fully deferred and are not required. The borrower can choose to make non-required payments at any time while in the In-School Period.
  2. Training Period: For borrowers who complete the program during the In-School Period, they will move into the Training Period where they will be employed as a Flight Instructor to obtain sufficient flight time hours to qualify for a Commercial Pilot License. The Training Period begins on the day following completion of the In-School Period and continues until the earlier of (1) employment as a First Officer, (2) the borrower leaves employment as a Flight Instructor, or (3) thirty-six (36) months from the date they began their In-School Period whichever event occurs first. Upon entering the Training Period, a borrow will be allowed a three (3) month Grace Period at the end of which the borrower will be required to make monthly interest-only payments for the remainder of the Training Period. Borrowers who do not complete the program under the In-School Period or who do not become flight instructors will not enter the Training Period and move directly from the In-School Period to the Repayment Period.
  3. Repayment Period: The Repayment Period begins at the earlier of (1) the date after completion of the Training Period, (2) thirty-six (36) months after the borrower initially entered the In-School Period, or (3) the day after the borrower leaves the program prior to completion. During the Repayment Period, the borrower will be required to make monthly principal and interest payments in an amount necessary to pay the loan in full over the remaining Repayment Term.


There is a maximum three (3) month Grace Period that begins at the end of the Initial In-School Period which is triggered by the student either a) ceasing enrollment of at least half time or b) graduating from an eligible school whichever occurs later.


The maximum Repayment Term for the loan is fifteen (15) years from the date they entered the Repayment Period. During the Repayment Period, monthly payments of principal and interest necessary to repay the loan within the remaining Repayment Term are required. Borrowers are permitted and encouraged to make payments of interest or principal and interest prior to the beginning of the repayment period, but such payments are not required.


  • Student completes the loan application electronically at
  • A consumer credit report on the student is requested from one of the three major reporting agencies.
  • A message with a credit decision is returned to the student within sixty (60) seconds.
  • If the credit decision results in denial, the student will be mailed a notice of adverse action.
  • If the credit decision results in approval, the student will be contacted by U.S. Credit, Inc. with information about the next steps in the process.
  • The school informs U.S. Credit of class enrollment and financial need.
  • Loan documents will be available at orientation for signature.
  • Funds are disbursed directly to the school in three phases scheduled by the school.
Please contact the U.S. Credit Customer Service Team at (844) 223-2632 or by email at for more information.
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